Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Coolio Your Master Bedroom With More Ingenuity and Less Dollars

While it is true if your bank account has enough zeros you can summon interior decorators from across the globe whenever you desire a change in decor, that is frankly too easy and is certainly no challenge.

You do not need to be rich to give your master bedroom an overhaul. In fact, with just a bit of imagination and these ideas to get you started, you may notice only the slightest dent in your finances.

 A fresh coat of paint will give your bedroom a whole new look and you can do it yourself with some instruction from the various 'how to' videos available online. Choose pale colours as they are easiest to paint over later. Try painting 2 adjacent walls with tones in the creamy beige range and the 2 opposing walls in a darker hue to give the impression your room is larger than it really is.

Public estate auctions are ideal places to procure individual pieces of furniture, some for incredibly low bids. An antique steamer trunk, chest or crate will look fab when placed on the floor at the bottom of your bed with the added benefit of gaining valuable storage space.

Other great scores can include small tables, bookcases and chairs. You do not have to be concerned about refinishing the pieces you purchase as most older items left just as they are add character to any setting.

If your duvet or bedspread is looking as tired as you do after a night on the town, fold a blanket across the bottom and add several throw pillows. Use several shades of the colour that best matches your decor and choose some different shaped pillows. One or two pillows in a bolder shade is a perfect way to add contrast.

Even if your bedroom is carpeted, you can still add small rugs to either side of the bed for a different look. If you have smooth floors, rugs are an excellent way to change things up a bit. Just remember to mind the thickness, you do not need to be tripping in the middle of the night.

Window coverings are traditionally expensive, but they do not have to be if you are resourceful. Weave scarves purchased at after season sales around the curtain rod, letting them hang down either side. Put a metal or plastic loop on either end of the rod and pull part of the scarf material through for a 'poof' effect.

Are you a sewing enthusiast, or know someone who is? Textiles found on sale can easily be turned into toppers or curtains. Also, individual king size flat sheets are often found on the clearance shelf and if you happen to find material in a design you like you may enjoy big savings.
Wall decals, both permanent and removable, are sold in a large variety of choices. To cover a large space on walls, complete scenes are available as are accents that you can add wherever they are needed.

Mounting your television on the wall will create space where you can put an interesting accent table. 

If you prefer your television on a stand, entertainment units generally take up a lot of space and you likely do not need room for large components anymore, since blu ray players will most certainly soon be the size of a slice of bread. Bookcases can often accommodate your TV and you can choose from varying heights and widths. They do not come with holes for your cords, but most have a pressboard back. Cut out the hole size you need on three sides and bend back the material. As a result, if you ever revert to a conventional bookcase, you can simply push the cut piece back into place with some strong tape to hold it in place.

Paintings and large mirrors to adorn your walls can be very expensive. Try shopping for an oversized clock or decorative shelf which are more budget friendly.

An assortment of candles or incense burners in the center of your dresser creates a romantic ambience. Use differing heights and shapes in one colour or a variety of hues, whichever suits your taste. If your dresser has a mirror, you have the additional advantage of extra depth being added to your design.

Filling assorted glass vases with natural stones or coloured beads and adding them to your display will create an even more unique grouping.

Update your switch plates with the catchy wood, brushed metal and brass designs that will provide an instant change with minimal investment.

Change the pictures in your frames. If you have children or grandchildren, frame their artwork.

Instead of purchasing new lamps, change just the lamp shades.

Glass jars, with covers, in various sizes, filled with your favourite candies or treats create instant colour while providing a ready snack when you have a craving for something sweet. More jars equal more colour and more yummy choices except that you eat the decor, which does not really matter because jelly beans were going to be on your shopping list anyway!

Replacing the handles and pulls on your matching bedroom furniture can be done at a huge fraction of the cost of purchasing a new set while effectively updating the look. Even though these pieces are mostly still available in standard sizes, be sure to take your existing ones with you to be sure your new choices will fit.

Door knobs can also be updated, but you need to do the entire floor unless your individual flair for design says 'each knob for himself'.

Grab your partner for a one time couples painting class. These classes are becoming more popular and are an inventive way to spend time together. You each create your own work of art meant to be hung side by side and all materials are provided, usually for a very reasonable fee.

Fresh flowers are beautiful and their natural fragrance will improve your mood even on the darkest of mornings. If your ongoing budget allows, arrange for a new bunch to be delivered on a regular basis. There are hearty blooms that can last upwards of two weeks. Ask your florist to choose the selection for you and, even though you are expecting the delivery, you will still be surprised by the content, something else that will brighten your mood.

Now that you have some suggestions to get you into the right mindset, grab a notebook and pen and head to your master bedroom.

Make a list of the things you want to update or change along with any furniture items you may want to purchase and let the rejuvenation renovation begin!

If there are two in your bed instead of one, your partner may appreciate the surprise of a revamped bedroom, but it is much more fun, and safer, to embark on this project together.

Pauline Milner

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