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Casey's Homecoming Story - From Puerto Rico To Canada

Casey's Homecoming Story

Hi Everybody! My name is Casey Alonzo Milner and I just arrived yesterday, Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2016, at my forever home in Saint John!

It has been a long, tough journey for me to get here but I am settling in really well.

I was born three months ago (My brother, Skyler, suggested that November 11th could be my birthday because no one knows the exact date that I was born. Sounds great to me!).

Unfortunately, I had a very rough start in life. I was born in Puerto Rico where they call dogs like me Satos.

Some mean people were driving on a busy highway and slowed down just enough to throw me, my brother and my mommy out of their vehicle and onto the side of the road. Thank goodness a nice man saw what happened and stopped to rescue us. This happens all the time. It is very sad.

He was homeless himself and lives in his van. He kept us safe with him until he could get us to All Sato Rescue.

When we got to the rescue place we were cared for by loving volunteers. Everyone there were so kind-hearted. They believe that all of us Sato dogs do really matter and they immediately worked on finding homes for us.

Before we could come to Maine, we all got our rabies, distemper and bordetella vaccinations, got de-wormed, had Frontline medication for flea and tick prevention and had our stool samples analyzed to make sure everything was okay with our health. They did all that with funds provided by donors! Wow!

When we were good to go, we began our long journey to Maine.

I got to go on my first plane ride! We stopped in Miami, Florida then on to Logan Airport in Boston where more incredible volunteers picked us up and took us to Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Freeport, Maine. Again, all of these expenses were covered by people who care and donate money to help us reach our new forever homes.

We arrived at Tall Tails on Tuesday, February 9th where Chris and his friends took awesome care of us!

On Wednesday morning, I had to have an operation. They said I was getting 'tutored' but I really didn't feel any smarter when I woke up!

Thursday afternoon, Chris told me that he had found me a forever home. He said a mommy and daddy were sad because their doggie had to go to Rainbow Bridge and their home was so lonely. He said they were super nice with tons of love just for me and they would be picking me up at the adoption fair at PetCo on Sunday, Valentine's Day! I know I only had 3 sleeps to wait but I was so excited that I could barely sleep!

When we got to PetCo, I sat quietly on my leash, waiting. I tried to sit really tall. I wanted to make a good first impression! Every time I saw people come towards me, I wondered if it was them, but they just smiled at me and walked right on by.

Then, I saw them!  I knew it had to by my mommy and daddy because my tummy felt funny, almost like I had swallowed butterflies! They both squatted in front of me and I ran right to them. I kissed my mommy and she hugged me. My daddy patted my head. They were so nice and gentle. My mommy picked me up and I snuggled into her soft shoulder. I had come such a long way but it was worth it! I was going home!

Mommy and Daddy had a list of names to choose from and they both thought I looked like 'Casey' would fit me. Mommy said to daddy that it would be nice if they could get a sign that it was the right name for me. They did not have to wait long!

When we went to register my adoption with the PetCo people and get my adoption welcome package, the nice lady who waited on us was named - you guessed it - Casey! How cool is that! My middle name, Alonzo, is my great grampie's name and a popular dog name in Puerto Rico, a salute to my heritage!

We had a long drive but I got to sit on my mommy's lap the whole way. It was the coldest day so far this year, but, inside, my heart was toasty warm!

Mommy and daddy assured me that I would be with them forever and nothing could ever change that. They told me to take all the time I needed to learn the rules and I would never, ever, ever, be punished for anything I did. They promised to work with me and if I did get into mischief, they would just say a firm 'no'. I also found out that my bathroom is indoors. What a relief! That white stuff is cold!

When we got home to Saint John, my mommy and daddy showed me where my potty was (it is a litter box) and I used it right away! They showed me all around my new home. Holy moly, is it ever big! Thank goodness my mommy let me follow her around so I could find my way through all the rooms on my own by following my scent.

They also told me funny stuff too. Things like there is no wrong way to sit on the sofa, that I could ride on the vacuum cleaner if I wanted to and I can have my friends over but no loud music and only PG (Puppy Good) rated movies!

I had some supper then settled into my bed which is right on the bottom of my mommy and daddy's bed and is really comfy.

I was super good the first night in my forever home. I slept for almost 6 hours before I had to go pee! Daddy had built me a wooden box to use as a step and I can get up and down off the bed all by myself.
This morning, after breakfast, I learned how to use the stairs because there are lots of them in my house. I also found my toy box. I am telling you it is doggie toy Heaven in there! It only took me a few minutes to pick some favourites and haul them up onto my bed.

I even played a game with mommy. I dropped a toy on the floor and she would pick it up for me. Again. And again. And again. I don't think mommy got much of her writing work done but it sure was fun!

Oh, I must tell you - I think there is another puppy here that looks exactly like me! I saw him over in mommy's closet door and I barked at him. He barked back. I think he must always stay in the closet door because he does not follow me and is always there when I go back and look. Mommy and daddy laughed. I think it is funny too. A dog who lives in a closet door! Silly!

Mommy and daddy keep telling me how blessed they are and how lucky they are that God put us together. I am lucky and blessed too.

Also, my mommy and daddy want to do something really extra special for the homeless man who saved my doggie mommy, brother and me and for the shelter in Puerto Rico. It is only because of their kindness that puppies and dogs like me get a chance to have a wonderful life. If you want to help too or if you want to find your own rescue puppy then please let my mommy know. She says you can PM her. I hope you know what PM means since I am only beginning to learn all of these new things!

Oh, and I also think I should be eligible for dual citizenship so mommy is going to write a letter to the government people on my behalf. I would write the letter myself, but it is really hard for me to hold a pen as I do not have opposable thumbs.

I sure hope to make more new friends really soon! I am tired so I am going to have a little nap now to recharge my batteries.

Thanks for reading my story.

Love, Casey



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