Friday, October 27, 2017

Forget Clowns
Nail Clippers Are Casey's Phobia

One of the tasks that comes with being a responsible puppy parent is nail clipping. You would think this would be a relatively easy and stress free chore. Distract your furry friend with a crispy piece of bacon while you nonchalantly cut their nails.

However, when it comes to our little guy, nothing will hold the little worm still while getting a much needed pedicure. Since he came to us at three months old, we have tried just about everything and nothing works. You would think he could sit still for just a few minutes. Nope. Nada. Nyet. As soon as he sees the nail clippers coming his way he makes a run for it.

When it comes to pedicure time, Casey thinks he is a freakin' Kardashian and has to get top of the line treatment at the vet with a hefty price tag attached. They give him sedation and off to dreamland he goes while his nails are cut and filed.

Of course, Casey is not stupid. At said vet, he gets to visit with Daniel the bird, drink water out of the perpetual fountain, check out the resident cats and get showered with attention. When he wakes up, he gets treats and everyone makes a fuss over him.

We know the vet is one of Casey's favourite places because even though he is sound asleep at 7:30 AM, he promptly wakes up and runs to the door when asked, "Do you want to go to the vet?" He actually does not even mind if a trip to the vet means a needle in his butt and a cold light stuck in his ear.

Since there seems to be no way that Casey will subject himself to a home pedicure, every six weeks or so, we will schlep him to the vet, debit card in hand, so he can get his manicure and be treated like a prince.

Pauline Milner

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