Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Dear Wayfair Peoples:

I was excited to visit your website this morning, but now I feel I have been duped by false advertising.

Your commercial on TV says, "Wayfair, we have just what you need."

Well, you see, I need bacon. To me, bacon is a food group.

When my Mommy was away from her laptop, I went into her wallet and got her credit card. This is no small achievement, considering I have four feet and no opposable thumbs! Then, straight to the Wayfair site.

Imagine my disappointment when I searched for "bacon". I found a bacon jar candle, bacon ornament and even a bacon decorated pet bed. Those are all fine things, but they do not fill my tummy, you know what I'm sayin'?

I also found a bacon and eggs cheese server. Since cheese does not come from pigs or chickens......???????

So, Wayfair, you do not have "just what I need" because I need bacon.

I am going to watch some Scooby Doo videos now.

Would you please let me know when I can order some bacon from your site?

Thanks, Wayfair Peoples.

Casey Alonzo Milner
Willow Grove, New Brunswick


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